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On this site you can search through over 26,000 works by Kinngait (Cape Dorset) artists from the Cape Dorset Archive at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.

Want to do more than search the collection? As you browse, star the works you like to add them to your digital collection. Use your collection to make your own virtual exhibition.

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My cool exhibit 3 Artwork(s)


Symmetrical design depicting a woman's face with traditional Inuit tattos and braids surrounded by four hands stretching upwards. Design presented in a two-dimensional style and using gray.

dgdbfgbf 1 Artwork(s)


Three caribou

Inuit games 15 Artwork(s)


Imaginary scene depicting two humans with long noses

Viewing With Eyes of Gratitude & Recognition 15 Artwork(s)

A woman sitting on the ground holding a ulu and another object in her other hand is carrying a baby on her back while is bird flying above them. Presented in a two-dimensional style and using brown

Works to share in TRT :) 8 Artwork(s)


Imaginary landscape depicting a row of seven baby seal heads following behind a large seal in the foreground

Les oiseaux / Symétrie 14 Artwork(s)


Symmetrical design depicting an owl with very long stringy wings that end in circular feathers for wings and short feathers on its head

Animals in Art 4 Artwork(s)


Dans le haut de la page

jacqueline sy inuit 2 Artwork(s)

jacqueline sy

Imaginary scene depicting two stylized birds

Jayu x Guelph 15 Artwork(s)


Scene depicting a human-sea-animal hybrid wearing a nun’s habit. They are holding an object with a row of candles on the bottom and Jesus on the cross at the top while facing a circular form in the top right corner. Presented in a two-dimensional style using black

The hazards of the Inuit’s Land 12 Artwork(s)


Imaginary scene depicting a woman in the back of a canoe and a man in the front of the canoe reaching for a club that is in the air just above him. Scene presented in a two-dimensional style and using brown

Breathtaking 9 Artwork(s)


Imaginary scene depicting an Inuit woman with long braids wearing an amautik and a mythical sea creature with long braids as well. Figures presented in a two-dimensional style and using blue

Pudlo Pudlat: A Love of Loons 14 Artwork(s)

Arctic Cultural Resources

Imaginary landscape depicting two sailboats below a large colourful loon surrounded by four houses and an airplane flying above .Landscape presented in a flattened