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1916 - 1992

Pudlo Pudlat

Pudlo Pudlat was born in 1916 at Ilupirulik camp, and began his artistic career when he moved to Cape Dorset in the late 1950s. His artwork depicts elements of modern technology, including airplanes and helicopters, while also capturing scenes of everyday traditional life. Pudlo passed away in 1992 and left behind a body of work consisting of over 4000 drawings and 200 prints. His works are held in the collection of the National Gallery of Canada, and many other institutions across the country. Pudlo's print, Aeroplane (1976), was reproduced on a Canadian postage stamp in 1978.

Media: Graphite, Coloured Pencil, Felt-tip Pen, Acrylic Paints, Wax Crayon

This information has been generously provided by Dorset Fine Arts. For more information on Cape Dorset art and artists, visit Dorset Fine Arts.